Gibson’s 50s and 60s Studio Tribute series is a kind of odd one. They’re not exact recreations of actual models, but rather they tap into the spirit of instruments from that era, with lower-cost satin finishes and less ornamentation. But the 50s and 60s Tributes I’ve played have been great guitars, especially the 60s Studio Tribute Les Paul I reviewed a while ago. Now Gibson is releasing the 70s Studio Tribute line containing three models: a Les Paul, an SG and a Firebird. These models aren’t based on actual 70s guitars (no Norlin-era pancake construction, thankfully!) but they’re cool axes in their own right, and each features newly designed Dual Blade Alnico Mini Humbuckers.

Gibson says:

“To help the Firebird Studio ’70s Tribute rock with unparalleled character and articulation, Gibson USA loads it with a pair of Dual Blade Alnico Mini Humbuckers. Entirely new pickups from Gibson USA, these units improve upon the best attributes of the former Mini Humbuckers seen in the Les Paul Deluxe in the ’70s, and the different Firebird Mini Humbuckers of the early ’60s, in an efficient design that uses dual steel blades and an Alnico magnet for a vintage voice that still retains plenty of chime. These pickups are calibrated for balanced output between the neck and bridge positions, yielding everything from singing bluesy neck tones to crunchy and wailing leads, and are dressed in solid chrome covers.”