Suhr guitars are pretty freaking nice. Duh. But they’ve always been a little too classy for most of the 80’s crowd (Reb Beach excepted). But now… now…

Need more? KABOOM!

But what might you play such an instrument through? KABLAMMO!

Wait, what? Tigerstripe too? POW!

So what is this magnificent beast? That, my friends, is the Suhr 80’s Shred in tigerstripe or neon drip finish. Alder body, maple neck, 16″ radius ebony fretboard (with optional scalloped maple fretboard! Scalloped!) Gotoh Floyd Rose. High-output Aldrich humbuckers. And each comes with its own matching Suhr Riot distortion pedal. Only fifty guitars will be available in each finish, from fall 2012.

Cheers to Guitar Noize for the heads-up!