Mike Keneally completes Andy Partridge collaboration

Woo! I can’t wait to hear this album! Read about it here.

There was a particular year of my life where my musical diet consisted of walloping amounts of Mike Keneally (particularly Sluggo! and Boil That Dust Speck) and a few XTC albums (along with Devin Townsend’s Ocean Machine – Biomech). So the very thought of an album featuring songwriting collaborations between Mike Keneally and XTC’s Andy Partridge is just too awesome to comprehend – in the ‘awe’ definition of the word awesome, not the surfer dude one.

2 Replies to “Mike Keneally completes Andy Partridge collaboration”

  1. One of the only Cool things about living in the Los Angeles area was living close to the Baked Potato and seeing music and players of this quality every night. Mike Keneally is amazing!

  2. On my first night of my first visit to LA I saw Keneally at the Potato with Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan – amazing show!

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