Status Quo’s Coles ad

This morning a nice lady working at the supermarket gave my son this little paper axe. He’s been rocking out with it all morning, blasting out Beatles songs and the like. Didn’t quite get the point of the guitar, although it reminded me of one of Bumblefoot’s axes. Then I get on the internetz and see this admittedly very cheesy Status Quo ad (below) for Coles Supermarkets¬†and it all makes sense. I wonder where those guitars in the video came from. Are they fully built from scratch, or some kind of overlay? Who made them? Where are they now? Yeah, that’s the kind of geeky thing I think about.

I wonder what’s next? Metallica doing Enter Self-Scan? Also, Status Quo? And recently Dawn French? Why are the supermarkets trying so hard to appeal to baby boomers? As someone much smarter than me pointed out today, shouldn’t the be trying to woo Eddie Vedder or something, since Generation X is all grown up and providing for families now?

Anyway, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that (although if Coles wants to give me free groceries for life, I’ll totally send everyone a pack of Tim Tams) – it’s just a random guitarry musing. As you were!

Guest Post: Maintaining Your Acoustic Guitar

By Alexander Briones

Understanding the basics of acoustic guitar maintenance is as important as knowing which guitar to buy. Even the most beautiful acoustic guitar will end up becoming a lump of twisted wood if not properly cared for. Here are some tips to keep your guitar safe and functioning properly.

There’s no place like home

Martin D-45 Case
Martin D45 in case

When buying an acoustic guitar, you should automatically be thinking of its proper guitar case. Getting the right guitar case for your guitar is the most important maintenance investment that you will ever make. It will serve as your guitar’s home, keeping it safe from impact, stress, heat and humidity. A great case will save you from a lot of unnecessary future repair expenses. Many quality acoustic guitars come with a guitar case, if it doesn’t, then it is imperative that you talk to the dealer to find a suitable case. Your guitar has to fit perfectly into the case and its neck should have good support.

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