REVIEW: Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012

Since 1958 the Les Paul Standard has defined what we think of when we hear ‘Gibson Les Paul.’ The carved maple top, the mahogany body and neck, two humbuckers, the trapezoid inlays: the Standard by its very name is the guitar that leads the charge in the Les Paul army. This puts it in a unique place in Gibson’s line-up because it needs to pay tribute to the past as well as point to the future. Models like the Traditional [see my review of it here] and various Gibson Custom reissues recreate heritage-style Les Pauls, but the Standard must move with the times. The line underwent a revamp in 2008 but for 2012 it’s been given the ultimate refresher, a series of enhancements which keep the Standard’s classic styling but with more modern refinements.

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SUMMER NAMM 2012: Gibson Grace Potter Flying V

Awesome to see Grace Potter (from Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, obviously) honoured with her own very stylish Gibson Flying V signature model. I like the art deco vibe of the pickguard, although if this was my axe I’d echo that on the truss rod cover as well. Interestingly, the fretboard wood is Chechen (also known as Poisonwood or Caribbean Rosewood).
Here’s some info:
“Crafted from Grade-A tonewoods and loaded with premium hardware and two of the finest contemporary recreations of legendary PAF humbucking pickups, the Grace Potter Signature Flying V is the hippest tone machine to head down the pike in a long time. Its unique look, designed by Grace, includes a hand-sprayed Nocturnal Brown gloss nitrocellulose top finish and satin natural back, sides and neck, and cream-painted Lexan pickguard with custom silkscreened art deco border.
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SUMMER NAMM 2012: Dean Markley Carl Verheyen strings

If you’re a Stratocaster user, you’ve probably seen that video above by Carl Verheyen. It’s been passed around on forums for a few years, and it explains how to perfectly balance the string tension and spring tension of your Stratocaster so that when you float the bridge you can achieve specific intervals by bending the bar up, and so you can maintain better return to pitch and some rather nice vibrato sounds as well.

Now Carl has teamed up with Dean Markley to create what appears to be the ultimate set of Strat-friendly strings for players who prefer this type of setup. Check it out! He explains it even further in this new video:


Dean Markley and Carl Verheyen Tame the Strat

SANTA CLARA, CA – July 10, 2012 – Dean Markley today announces the release of the new Carl Verheyen Balanced Bridge Helix Electric strings. This partnership brings a unique string set intended to balance the six screw and two screw Strat-style bridges. The new string set features a unique blend of gauges and features the new Helix patent-pending hyper-elliptical windings.

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