New Vai pickups: DiMarzio Gravity Storm

Photo by Larry DiMarzio

Steve Vai’s new album The Story Of Light is out in August, and quite frankly it’s stunning. I’ve been able to hear the whole thing and there’s something in there for every Vai fan, but especially those who like the more expressive and compositional aspects of his playing.

Steve has a new set of signature pickups coming out shortly, the DiMarzio Gravity Storm set (named after a song on the new album). They appear to be quite different from his previous six-string pickups (the Evolution set, the Evo 2 and the Breed set).

The bridge pickup weighs in at an output of 340mV and a DC resistance of 15.19Kohms, and it has an Alnico V magnet like the Breed, rather than a ceramic magnet like the Evolution and Evo 2. The neck pickup has a ceramic magnet, an output of 290mV and a DC resistance of 12.56Kohms.

Stay tuned for availability info!