I’m sure a lot of us either have fond memories of ADA gear, or wish we had a bunch of it, or have drooled over the sounds that players have drawn out of units like the ADA Flanger, the Final Phase and the venerable MP-1 preamp. Now ADA launches the GCS-2, a guitar cabinet simulator and DI box which you can use with your amp or with a unit like ADA’s latest preamp, the APP-1.

Here’s the press release:


WALNUT CREEK, CA – AUGUST 15, 2012 – ADA’s new GCS-2 is the quickest, easiest and ideal way for a guitarist to go direct and get the most real, dynamic and controllable guitar tone on stage and in the studio. Show up to your next gig and set up quicker – without a stack or combo in tow – and deliver through the club’s backline system. Get your feedback from your stage monitor and blast rich harmonics to the audience – all with better sustain and dispersion. A radical departure from the field of cabinet simulators, the all-analog GCS-2 uniquely replicates the low frequency natural resonance of a SEALED CABINET and, at loud volumes, delivers awesome driver compression and focus through any full-range speaker system.

The GCS-2 is inserted between the output of your preamplifier (or effects pedal board) and a mixing or recording console to replace the close proximity microphone that is typically used to mic a guitar speaker cabinet. This eliminates the problem of bleed through or crosstalk from other instruments or amplifiers in live situations. The GCS-2 is especially useful for owners of our APP-1 Guitar Pedal Preamp because it can split the output of the APP-1 for sending an unprocessed signal to a guitar amplifier and the cab sim signal to a mixing console.

Guitarists Go Direct Without Compromise

The GCS-2 delivers guitar tone like no other: select 10 or 12-inch, vintage alnico or modern ceramic magnet drivers, open-back or sealed cabinets – all captured by the venerable SM-57 (with its signature mid bump). Position and fine-tune the MIC PLACEMENT to get the right balance between low and high frequencies and more dynamic “punch” or “cone-breakup” to your taste.

The GCS-2 is available now and costing a lot less than you would think for a product with so many of the right features and hand-made in California. Visit our website, for a video demo or Facebook, and to find an ADA dealer near you. Suggested Retail Price is $139.95. 925 296-0051


ADA’s new GCS-2 Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI Box

Here’s one way to use it. No stage amps, but plenty of real feedback from the stage monitor.