Paul Gilbert (who is doing a clinic tour of Oz soon) has a new album coming soon called Vibrato. It includes eight studio-recorded tacks plus three live tracksrecorded in 2010 when he toured Europe. It’s half instrumental and half vocal, which is awesome news for those of us who love Paul’s vocal albums like King of Clubs, Alligator Farm and Space Ship One. In fact, I had Space Ship One on regular rotation right at the time that Mrs I Heart Guitar and I found out we were going to be parents, so whenever I listen to that album it brings back all sorts of huge emotions. Anyway, the track list for Vibrato is:

01 Enemies (In Jail)
02 Rain and Thunder and Lightning
03 Vibrato
04 Put It On The Chair
05 Bivalve Blues
06 Blue Rondo A La Turk
07 Atmosphere on the Moon
08 The Pronghorn
09 Roundabout (Live)
10 I Want To Be Loved (Live)
11 Go Down (Live)

You can preorder it from CD Japan now. Here’s the regular CD version, here’s the CD/DVD version and here’s the instructional DVD.