Month: October 2012

The Most Evil Scale Ever

In celebration of Halloween I’ve written an article for the Seymour Duncan blog about an eeeevil-sounding scale I came up with. I like to use this to pretend I’m Black Sabbath. You can hear a demo track composed with this scale below, but be sure to read the full article to learn the scale for yourself and to take in the different elements it’s composed of.

REVIEW: TC Electronic iB Modified G-System

The original TC Electronic G-System is pretty hard to top. An integrated effects and switching system, it’s been at the heart of the guitar rigs of some pretty influential artists, including Steve Vai, Peter Thorn and Bullet For My Valentine. Pro players love the way it brings together all the essential elements of their rig (more on that in a minute) along with some very high-quality effects. But TC Electronic knows good advice when they hear it, and the G-System iB Modified was born out of some helpful suggestions from a few industry insiders.

Dweezil’s new Gibson Frank Zappa SG

Dweezil Zappa has been talking up the brilliant site a lot lately, and he’s posted something super mega ultra amazing: a prototype Gibson Frank Zappa Tribute SG which he hopes will be available to the public soon. It’s based on Frank’s Roxy SG as it looked in that era.