COOL GEAR ALERT: The Gittler Guitar


The Gittler Guitar has a very interesting history. You can read plenty about it in this brilliant Vintage Guitar article. Avraham Bar Rashi (formerly Allan Gittler) designed this revolutionary instrument. How do we describe it… it’s a six-string instrument with a pickup for each string. The stainless steel frets are bars pressure-fitted into the stainless steel neck, and the six pickups can be routed to separate outputs like a Kramer Ripley. The Museum of Modern Art has one  in its collection, as does the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Avraham Bar Rashi passed away in 2003. But his designs live on! Check out the newly improved Gittler Guitar: 31 rounded frets, patented tuning machines, improved headstock design, active electronics and both standard 1/4″ and Hexaphonic outputs, a luminescent fret marking system… sure, it’s not for everyone, but for those of us with a flair for the unusual it’s beautiful. Read More …

Ghost Ordains New Pope


Papa Emeritus I, leader of the mighty Ghost (putting the Satan back in “metal is the music of Satan”) has passed the reigns over to Papa Emeritus II in an onstage ritual. At the end of ‘Genesis,’ Papa I handed his throne over to Papa II, and the band then launched into the live premier of new track Secular Haze.


New Guitar Mag: Pure Guitar

Pure Guitar

When I was in my teens, I had journalistic heroes in much the same way that I had guitar heroes, or how other kids had sports or film heroes. Guys like Jas Obrecht, Tom Mulhern, Joe Gore, Tom Wheeler and more (Alan Paul James Rotondi, Jeff Kitts, Jeff Gilbert, Pete Prown, Joe Bosso, Lisa Sharken, Charles Shaar Murray, Gary Graff… I could ramble on and on about these writers). Those first four names I mentioned, though, were very influential and they all played important roles in Guitar Player magazine. Now Jas Obrecht (along with Ryan Rhea and Christian Magee as JRC Media, LLC) have launched Pure Guitar, a new breed of guitar magazine with an aim of blending literate, in-depth journalism with the technology available to internet and mobile app users. Writers include Wheeler, Mulhern, Gore, Obrecht and fellow Guitar Player alum Jon Sievert, along with Wayne Goins (Director of Jazz Studies at Kansas State University), first-call studio guitarist Tim Pierce, and London-based Alissa Ordabai.

There’s plenty of great stuff online: a huge chat with Eric Johnson, a complete 1990 interview with Jason Becker, a roundtable discussion with several legendary amp makers (Hartley Peavey, Alexander Dumble, Richie Fliegler, Bruce Zinky, Paul Rivera, Aspen Pittman) and much, much more. Go check it out!

REVIEW: Electro-Harmonix SUPEREGO Synth Engine

You’d think that after more than six decades we’d be running out of ways to twist and tweak the sound of the electric guitar. Yeah, right! It’s a very exciting time to be a guitarist right now. The boutique boom isn’t slowing down, the digital revolution is on track to put an Axe-FX in every bedroom by 2015, and Electro-Harmonix is still releasing innovative creations like the SUPEREGO Synth Engine.

Ever played with an analog synth, or at least a good digital recreation of one? Well, for me, the best way to think of the SUPEREGO is as a component that converts part of your guitar sound into a waveform that can be twisted and manipulated in a similar way to an analog synth. I have to think of it that way, because it’s such an unusual idea compared to regular guitar effects that I need to hook my brain around it somehow! It’s in the same family of EHX effects as the Ravish, the POG2, and Micro Synth, but like EHX founder Mike Matthews, the SUPEREGO is its own man.

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DiMarzio Ionizer 8 Tosin Abasi Pickups

DiMarzio has just announced the Ionizer 8 signature pickup set for Animals As Leaders’ Tosin Abasi. But wait, what’s this? “DiMarzio announced it will release three new Ionizer 8™ pickups developed for Abasi’s new signature 8-string Ibanez guitar in January of 2013.” Sa-weet! Great to see Ibanez doing another signature 8-string. And hey, Ibanez, if you’d like to do yet another one, gimmie a call. Hehe.


Staten Island, N.Y., December 11, 2012 – DiMarzio, Inc. welcomes Tosin Abasi, trail-blazing pioneer of modern heavy music and lead guitarist of progressive instrumental band Animals as Leaders to its roster of endorsers. DiMarzio announced it will release three new Ionizer 8™ pickups developed for Abasi’s new signature 8-string Ibanez guitar in January of 2013. DiMarzio will also make the Ionizer 8™ pickups available for retail sale. Read More …