NAMM: Relic’d EVH Wolfgang


If you’ve been to the EVH Gear section of the Fender room at NAMM, you might have noticed this particular Wolfgang USA Custom hanging on the wall with a few others. If you looked a little closer though, you may have noticed something that skipped your glance the first time ’round…


Yup! EVH is getting into the relic’ing game! This is a particularly well-executed example, with amazing attention to detail. Note the checking, the aging of the plastic parts, the lines which match up between the rear treble side and the treble cutaway.

This version has block inlays because it’s a prototype, but luthier Chip Ellis says the final version will have the same inlays as the regular Wolfgang USA Custom. It’s a beautiful guitar: the neck joint is carved to make it feel like a neck-thru though it’s a bolt-on. Note too that it has pickup rings for aesthetic reasons, but the pickups themselves are direct-mounted to the body, which is classic EVH.