Get Yer Ibanez J.Custom 8-strings Now

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Remember the Ibanez JCRG813 Limited Edition 8-String announced at NAMM? The model available in Brown Garnet Shadow or Black Opal finish? Well you can already get your hands on one! Here are some shopping links for ya, courtesy of Musician’s Friend. I’ll note that if you buy anything from Musician’s Friend after clicking on one of these links, I Heart Guitar gets a small commission which helps with site costs like web hosting and beer.

Ibanez J.Custom JCRG813 Ltd Edition 8-String Black Opal


Ibanez J.Custom JCRG813 Ltd Edition 8-String Brown Garnet Shadow


I like these guitars a lot, even though I’m not a huge EMG or flamed maple guy. There’s just something about them, that indefinable mojo. So I’m adding them to my wish list of 2013 Ibanezes I’d Buy The Hell Out Of. That list so far includes the RGIR28FE Iron Label 8-string, RGIR27E Iron Label 7-string, the 30-fret RG550XH, the UV70P Premium Universe, the JS2410 Joe Satriani model with new DiMarzio Satch Track neck pickup, the AT10P Premium Andy Timmons model and the ATK805E bass.

Here’s the press release about the JCRG813:

For the most demanding guitar connoisseurs, sometimes, even Ibanez’s top of the line Prestige series isn’t good enough. These players demand custom-shop instruments hand crafted by the top luthiers, and for them, Ibanez proudly offers the limited-availability j. custom instruments.

Envisioned to be “the finest Japanese-made guitar in history,” the j. custom designation represents every advance in design and technology Ibanez has developed over the last 20 years: the best woods, neck, and fret treatments, perfect pickup combos, and tremolo systems that are the envy of the industry.

New for 2013, Ibanez introduces the j. custom JCR813BGA and JCR813BOP, hand crafted eight-string guitars that bring unprecedented performance options to the most discerning metal musicians. And for the traditional metal/hard rock player, the j. custom team has released the JCRG613BSZ and JCRG613RBS six-string models.

“Ibanez leads the industry when it comes to designing eight-string guitars,” commented Ibanez President, Bill Reim. “And when our master builders showed us their j. custom treatment of our popular 8-string RG-inspired guitars, it was obvious that they had once-again set the bar even higher for these guitars.”

The JCRG813 8-string guitars feature flamed maple tops on ash bodies, j. custom Maple/Wenge Wizard-8 necks, a pair of EMG 808 pickups for commanding metal tones with punch and precision, and fixed Edge III-8 bridges for outstanding sustain. The j. custom Tree of Life inlay explodes with life on the slightly larger, 8-string fretboard.

The JCRG613 6-string guitars deliver the finest tones possible for hard rock and metal thanks to solid mahogany bodies capped with quilted maple tops and delivering tone from a trio of classic DiMarzio humbucking pickups: ToneZone in the bridge, Air Norton at the neck, and True Velvet in the middle for tones ranging from aggressive and tight at one end to sweet and flutey leads at the other, with a range of useful clean and spanky tones in the middle. Other j. custom features include a Super Wizard j. custom maple neck with Tree of Life inlays and the Edge Zero bridge w/ZPS3 for unsurpassed tuning stability in a dual-locking trem system.

All j. custom instruments ship with a hard shell case and include a certificate of authenticity.