PickardGuitarist Jason Kaye has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his prog rock concept album. Now, I’m always on the side of prog rock concept albums, but this one has an extra special angle: it’s inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. Aah, this brings back memories of falling asleep to TNG after Letterman when I was in high school. I watched three quarters of so many episodes – I got to the end of more than a few, but I still have quite a lot to catch up on. Of course, then Deep Space Nine came along and I would regularly fall asleep after about five minutes instead of 45. Hehe. Anyway, here’s some info from Jason’s Kickstarter page:

What’s more awesome than a Star Trek The Next Generation Prog Rock concept album? NOTHING!!!

The only thing I love more than music is Star Trek: The Next Generation. To me it is the highest pinnacle of artistic achievement in the last five hundred years, only Beethoven’s 9th comes close. The themes of exploration, perpetual technological advancement, intelligence, tolerance, diplomacy, friendship and discipline give us an idea of the future to strive for.

About a year ago while listening to Debussy’s Nocturnes an idea erupted in my brain. What if I took the idea of symphonic symbolism and applied it to the platform of a prog rock concept album? What could be substantial enough to serve as the subject. Obviously the answer is STAR TREK: TNG!!! Each track would be an instrumental interpretation of a main character. Since this would be my first solo endeavor I decided to not put any restrictions of the styles, instrumentation or structure of each song. Armed with my guitar, an m audio box and logic pro, I began composing. I knew that if I didn’t make this sound as kickass as possible I would have not only failed myself but the NCC 1701 D as well. Here is a rough demo of the track Sum Of My Parts (Data)  https://soundcloud.com/jason-kaye-1/data-prototype-rough-demo.

The money will be paying for Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Musicians, Equipment, Promotion and Distribution.

I hope you can join me in my mission to go where no one has gone before…paying tribute to Star Trek: The Next Generation by means of prog rock!!!

Go here for full info and to contribute!