orianthi-heaven-in-this-hell-coverOrianthi has just released the video for her single Heaven In This Hell, which you can view below. In the video Orianthi uses a PRS JA15, which I asked her about recently. “That’s a new guitar I’ve totally fallen in love with,” she said. “It’s amazing. The pickups, everything about it, it’s just incredible. I play Custom 24s and 22s and my own model a lot, and when I was out at their headquarters in LA I played a black one, then I had a video shoot coming up for Heaven In This Hell and it’s all in black and white, and I wanted something that was going to pop and look kind of ‘classic rock.’ So I reached out to PRS and I was like, ‘Hey, I’m looking at using a PRS that’s really different and I really dig the JA15 I was playing before…’ then after that I didn’t want to give it back. I love it! It just sounds so good. And I’m really fussy with guitars. They all have different personalities. Some you really take to, and when you hit a chord or play a melody it’s just right. And this guitar is so great, plugged in or not plugged in.”

Here’s the video: