The Mighty Ibanez BTB7 7-string Bass

BTB7 ThumbnailYou might remember that yesterday I was pondering the rise of the 7-string, and how the music is dictating the development of the instrument. A similar thing happened when 5-string basses appeared on the scene. Then there were 6-string basses, which remain something of a niche instrument for jazz and prog guys, really: you don’t tend to see them in punk bands. Just sayin.’ Anyway, so as to not feel left out by the rise of the 8-string guitar, Ibanez has created the BTB7 Limited Edition 7-string bass. Compared to a regular four-string bass it adds one extra low string and two extra high ones: it’s tuned (low to high) B E A D G C F.

BTB7This imposing but impossibly cool beast features a Mono-Rail IV bridge which isolates each string to ward off stray vibrational crosstalk; 7-piece BTB7 Maple/Bubinga/Maple/Walnut/Maple/Bubinga/Maple neck (it’s a neck-thru so this continues all the way to the end of the body); Walnut top/Maple wing body wings; CAP Sonic Arch single coil-sized hum buckers with blade pole pieces; a 3-band EQ with bypass switch for the option of passive sound; super-deep cutaways offering full access to the 24th fret; a Neutrik locking jack; and a 35-inch scale length.

I can’t wait to hear the kind of music folks are going to be making on this thing. For more info, go here.

I guess we guitarists are going to have to up the ante even further to stay on top of this whole extra-string thing. Oh wait, Ibanez already did that.