Chet WillisPress Release: Originally formed in Dayton, Ohio, iconic funk pioneers The Ohio Players came into musical prominence in the mid 1970’s, their sweet, sticky, soul-satisfying sound scored them three consecutive platinum albums, two number one singles on the billboard pop charts and five number one R&B singles. Joining The Players in 1975 as lead guitarist was Clarence Willis, a charismatic, educated musician with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Art Education. The Players labeled him ‘Chet’, the name stuck and for almost 40 years Clarence has played, sung, wrote and produced several gold and platinum selling recordings with The Players including mega hits Love Rollercoaster and Skin Tight.

Clarence started playing the guitar at an early age, influenced by the amazing amount of talent in and around his Ohio neighborhood (Zapp, Bootsy Collins, Dazz Band), plus the pulsing sounds of 60’s and 70’s late night radio, mixed with the energy of his local church, Clarence studied his craft and mastered the technology of rhythm.

Now residing in Atlanta, GA, Clarence has ventured into new rhythms and new sounds with ‘The C-Dub Project’; a collaborative album of fresh material recorded with song writing partner, guitarist, music manager and TV host Harry “Harry-O” McLoud also a Dayton, Ohio transplant living in Atlanta.

Producing new and different music has been a lifelong dream for the dynamic duo as Clarence explains “We created an eclectic palette; using the tools from today along with experience from playing over the years”

Clarence and Harry have carefully blended elements of Jazz, Funk and Latin Soul with an Electronic undertone to create a magical laidback soundscape, “We call it new music for the old school audience” says Clarence. Still touring the world with The Ohio Players, Clarence’s millions of fans continue to warm his heart and he hopes The C-Dub Project will allow him to share his personal passion for music to his many loyal supporters.

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