cu_mcAin’t no way around it: US-PRS guitars are pricey. And with good reason: they’re made to very high standards and their quality control is legendary. Not to mention the playability, the tone, the looks… you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy a PRS. The SE line does a great job of putting affordable instruments in the hands of players, but there was still a bit of a gap there in terms of an affordable US-made PRS. Well no more! The S2 series offers three models (Custom 24, Starla and Mira) which are made alongside their pricier brethren in Maryland, USA but with a few concessions made to lowering the price, such as clever use of bevelling instead of the more labour-intensive top-carving process. 

Personally, that Custom 24 is really doing it for me – I really like the bevelling on its own merits. The mahogany-body S2 instruments are available in six colours (McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Sienna, Vintage Cherry, and opaque Antique White, Black and Seafoam Green) while the maple-topped ones are available in seven: Black Cherry, Blue Crab Smokeburst, Dark Cherry Burst, Gray Black, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, and opaque Antique White and Black). Here’s some more info from the PRS site:


Custom 24

The S2 Custom 24 takes the original PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and reimagines it with stripped-down features and a new aesthetic. Retaining the classic maple top/mahogany back combination, with our classic body shape & a new asymmetrical beveled top, this guitar is resonant with a funky familiarity. Its versatility comes from its custom-wound pickups and 3-way blade switch. Familiar for PRS players of old, and a fresh take for players of all types.



With an understated, refined appearance, instant comfort and playability, and a voice that is familiar and captivating, the vintage-inspired S2 Mira is a guitar you won’t want to put down. Its all-mahogany body and asymmetrical, beveled top give the S2 Mira much of its explosive tone. And while not a super high output guitar, the S2 Mira can be overdriven into well-rounded, organic rock tones without sacrificing the punch or clarity found in higher-output guitars (or even active pickups). The bridge pickup is rich with some sparkle and substantial but tight low end, while the neck pickup is a little darker providing great balance and vintage tones.



The S2 Starla offers serious style and retro personality in a reliable package that make this guitar instantly playable and sure to turn heads. At first glance, the all-mahogany singlecut body equipped with a tun-o-matic bridge and a Bigsby B50 tailpiece tells you this is going to be one badass guitar. Once in your hands, it is balanced and as comfortable as a guitar you’ve been playing for years.