What’s Joe Matera Up To?

FA-300The other day I reached out to my buddy Joe Matera to fill me in on what he’s been up to lately musically. Joe’s an awesome guitarist who’s doing great things in getting his music heard worldwide, and he’s been very patient in putting up with me planning to write about his adventures but then getting distracted by pretty shiny things. So Joe, what are you up to? “I am embarking on my second European tour in May, 2014, and I am working on new music and a new rock vocal single to follow up my very successful ‘Fallen Angel’ single that continues to do well over in Europe. My upcoming new single ‘Shining Star’ features Pete Lincoln (THE SWEET) playing bass on it. Also, Martin Bullard (SMOKIE) plays keyboards on an acoustic version of the new single. And Rick Brewster (THE ANGELS) again guests on another new instrumental track of mine. New single will be released later this year and again will be out via W.A.R Productions in Europe.”

So there ya have it! Be sure to like Joe on Facebook too.