ADA Announces New Cabinet Simulator

gcsADA has always been a company that created things guitarists didn’t even realise they needed, but then couldn’t live without. Their pioneering flanger and phaser pedals and the MP-1 preamp are perfect examples. The company has been back in action for a while now, and the APP-1 preamp is a great example of what they’re up to now. The new GCS-3 Cabinet Simulator looks like the perfect partner to the APP-1 – much like the GCS-2 – but it adds a headphone output as well as a power amp direct connection which lets you take the signal from your power amp and feed it through the unit and on to the mixing console without needing to mic a cab – while still using your cab onstage for all the benefits like controllable feedback and lookin’ cool.

ADA Announces its New GCS-3 Cabinet Simulator with POWERAMP DIRECT CONNECT & Headphone Output

WALNUT CREEK, CA – SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 – Our second product in our growing family of analog Cabinet Simulator DI boxes, the new GCS-3 introduces two new features to the venerable GCS-2. A headphone output with level control, and a 30dB pad (POWERAMP DIRECT CONNECT) to allow the GCS-3 to handle large power amp signals in addition to line level signals from a preamps or pedal boards. The THRU jack allows you to reconnect your speaker cabinet to your power amp via a hardwired connection.

The tonal quality is spot-on with selectable Vintage (Alnico) or Modern (Ceramic), 10 or 12 inch speakers in a Sealed or Open-Back cabinets. The Microphone Placement control effectively allows you to position the mic anywhere in front of the “speaker” for a balance of high and low frequencies. The balanced XLR or single-ended .” phone jack can serve as a full bandwidth DI box or a DI box with guitar cabinet simulation. It can take a full range monitor or house sound speaker system and make it sound like a guitar cabinet, with all its resonances, phasing and frequency response –both vintage and modern – to get you quickly to that sweet spot for live performance and recording. Unique to the GCS Cabinet Simulators is our NATURAL RESONANCE feature which produces the same “wood box” low frequency ringing or resonance of traditionally constructed guitar cabinets.

Competitively priced, the “Made in California” GCS family delivers more of what guitar players and sound engineers want in a small all-steel enclosure worthy for the road and the studio.

MAP for the GCS-2 is $119.95 and $149.95 for the GCS-3. Available worldwide.

For further information contact:
David Tarnowski
925 296-0051

GCS3 front

GCS3 rear