eastsider_SMF_1 copyPete Anderson is cool. Reverend guitars are cool. Sparkly stuff is cool. Wo what happens when you put all three of them together? Oh lordy, it’s a coolness overload. Anderson is such a ridiculously talented guitarist – did you know that one time I bought a Dwight Yokham album solely to steal Pete Anderson licks? No? Well ya do now. And you should do it too, because he’s a walking encycloedia of guitaristic goodness. Now Reverend’s Pete Anderson PA-1 RT and the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider models are available in Silver Metal Flake exclusively at Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. Here’s the press release:

LIVONIA, MI – Reverend Guitar’s special run of the Gold Metal Flake Pete Anderson Series guitars was such a success, that the company decided to do a run of Silver Metal Flake!  As with the Gold Metal Flake guitars, these are available on the Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 RT and the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider.  They are only available at Wildwood Guitars, Colorado’s premier guitar store.

The Pete Anderson Signature Eastsider-T is in homage to vintage guitars, with a number of traditional features, while still maintaining the famed Reverend innovation. It has a chambered Korina body, a satin finish, and a compound-radius maple fretboard. With a push-pull phase switch, custom alnico pickups, stainless steel saddles, and a graphite nut, it adds up to the perfect old-meets-new guitar.

The Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT is loaded with Reverend’s own Revtron pickups for extra midrange punch and twang on the PA-1 platform — a large, Maple hollow-body with Reverend’s proprietary Uni-Brace system. The unique structure controls the feedback that you would normally expect in similar guitars, while adding sustain.  The model also has a 3-piece Korina neck, a 15th fret neck and body joint for better access to the higher points on the neck, “R” embossed knobs, and an “R” logo pickguard.  The exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, a variable bass roll-off that adjusts the pickup voicing, is featured on this model as well.  All PA-1s come with a Bigsby B70.

 “It’s influenced by the classics.  The look is very important – you wear it – but it’s also a musician’s tool, and everything has to work.  Everything continues to evolve for Reverend, and that’s part of our philosophy.  The last Reverend is the best Reverend.” – Joe Naylor, Founder of Reverend Guitars.

For more information, please visit www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/reverend.htm or www.reverendguitars.com


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