FenderWow! Folks have been hoping for this one for a looooong time. Fender has reissued the hollow-body Coronado and Starcaster models. The Coronado was released in 1966, featuring a pair of Fender’s Wide Range humbuckers. The Starcaster followed a decade later. These new models, part of the Modern Player range, aren’t straight reissues – but that’s probably gonna make many players happy, since the original versions weren’t without their critics. Plus, modern construction techniques are probably gonna make these puppies a little more consistent than their vintage ancestors. I’m totally psyched about these and I can’t wait to try one. Here’s more info, and check out the video below of artists from Local Natives, The Mowglis, Frightened Rabbit, Surfer Blood and The Soft White Sixties  reacting to the new models.

starcaster copy