Victory Amplifiers …what’s all this then?

victoryHmm… in my daily internet-rummaging I came across something that looks like it could be very interesting indeed: a new company called Victory Amplifiers. And according to the YouTube teaser video (below) they’re launching with three all-valve models: V10 (a 10-watt 1X12 combo), V50 (a 50-watt two-channel head) and the V100 (a 100-watt three-channel head). Now, new amp companies are a dime a dozen, but these appear to be handmade in the UK, and I don’t know about you but some incredible amp companies have come out of the UK over the years. They have a Facebook page where they’ve just unveiled pics of these three beauties too (below) and a sneak peek at a V100 circuit board which looks very cool! The Victory Facebook page says the head designer is Martin Kidd, who is well-known in British amplification circles, and word is that Guthrie Govan has been using them lately, so I’m super-excited to hear these amps in action!