COOL STUFF ALERT: Guitar Practiced Perfectly

Guitar Practiced PerfectlyThe folks behind Guitar Practiced Perfectly recently turned me onto their cool product. They specialise in online guitar tuition for any age, which is something very near and dear to my heart since I started playing when I was 8 (and I’m hoping my 7-year-old wants to start soon), and have taught players ranging from 6 up to late 60s. Guitar Practiced Perfectly offers one product that includes over 300 practice routines with weekly updates, providing the user with a structured tutorial course to suit all levels of ability and a reporting feature that enables the user to monitor their progress. Below is a little more info from the site, or go here to check it out for yourself.

New To Guitar?
Your virtual personal teacher. From the fundamentals through to the basics, helping you to get the first steps right, ready to move onto the first phase of perfecting your talent.

Already got the basics?
Looking to expand your skill and enjoyment? Want to play those song tabs with expert ability and impress yourself and friends with your expanding repertoire? Thinking about joining or forming a band? Guitar Practiced Perfectly is ideal for the player looking to seriously improve.

As a guitar player who found it relatively easy to pick up and play, you wish you had time to fine tune your fundamentals while developing your expertise. Ideal for the most demanding player and music university students.