Gibson Revives The M-III

miiiFor years now I’ve been daydreaming about Gibson bringing back the M-III. This 24-fret, 25.5″ scale Floyd Rose-loaded superaxe was a big departure for Gibson when it was released in 1991 (see some original ads here), and its timing was probably not the best, since it was only a very short time later that grunge pretty much wiped the shred axe off the face of the planet for a short while. Now the M-III is back, and it brings with it much of what made the original cool: 24-fret maple fingerboard, Floyd Rose, 25.” scale length, versatile switching (although in a different way to the original model). It doesn’t feature the cool pick guard shape though, which kinda bums me out a bit, but hey, if people take to these then who knows – perhaps we’ll see further M-III models added to the line some day. I’d like to think so. I’d love to see a seven-string version too. The new M-III will be available on November 5, 2013. Here’s some more info from

Just like the first M-IIIs, the new M-III starts from a foundation of Gibson tradition—seen it its solid mahogany body, glued-in neck, and high-gain Dirty Fingers™ humbucking pickups with versatile switching—and catapults it into the future with a major dose of style and innovation. The 25 ½” scale length enables piano-like lows and shimmering highs, while a Floyd Rose™ trem facilitates everything from radical dive-bombing to evocative vibrato, all with unparalleled tuning stability. To top it off, the neck’s fast profile, super action, and easy access right to the top of the 24-fret fingerboard help the M-III offer a playing experienced equaled by none.

The M-III’s scorching looks match its incendiary performance. The natural maple fingerboard with striking arrow-head inlays provides an eye-catching contrast to the explosive range of finishes on the guitar—from your choice of Cosmic Cobalt, Electric lime, Vibrant Red, or Orange Glow—all in high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. The all-black hardware complements the stunning visuals, and reminds you that the M-III is here to rock. Feel the heat at your authorized Gibson USA dealer, and crank out the shred like never before.

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