crossoverdrivethumbPress Release: MI Audio are now shipping their new limited-run overdrive called the Cross Over Drive to selected retailers. This pedal was designed to be the swiss-army knife of drive pedals with a seamless transition from boost to overdrive to distortion to fuzz with a sweep of the GAIN knob. The backbone of the Cross Over Drive are four discontinued FET transistors designed to capture the response and touch-sensitivity of an amp’s organic overdrive. But making a FET stage behave like a particular tube stage is actually a very complex affair and is not a simple substitute like most other FET-based preamp circuits. Our experience in designing valve amplifiers at MI Audio has seen us obsess over every minute detail of the Cross Over Drive’s circuit from operating points, dynamic range, scaling of clipping thresholds, output impedances, intrinsic capacitances due to the Miller Effect… you get the idea! This obsession has led to an original pedal design like no other that becomes a natural extension of your guitar, amp and playing style.

The most coveted guitar tones are those where the guitar, player and amplifier work as one. Every attack on the guitar string, be it by plectrum or finger pick, legato to down-stroke, neck or bridge pickup –all provide a different tone and feel that traditional overdrive pedals can struggle to capture. This response has been the driving force behind the design of the Cross Over Drive and this attention to detail is what sets it apart from the pack.

At its lowest gain, the Cross Over Drive is a boost/enhancer adding some extra sparkle to the guitar’s natural tone. Mid gain mode gives some nice, complex, tube-like overdrive but allows clean-up of the signal via the guitar’s volume knob that A/B’s well against a standard clean. Add a bit more gain for a smooth, harmonic-rich, sustaining lead sound from 70′s rock to jazz-fusion and crank it to enter loose fuzz territory for those big stoner-rock riffs! Due to the nature of its design, every player will make this pedal sound their own – responding to every nuance and attack of your style and genre.

The two knob EQ of DETAIL and BALANCE helps maintain the full drive sound whilst allowing for refinement of the top- and bottom-end. The DETAIL knob provides the body of the overdrive tone with lower settings perfect for bright amplifiers. The BALANCE control allows for the adjustment of the amount of top-end harmonics for either a smooth, round lead sound or turned up for a tone that will cut through a mix.

The MI Audio Cross Over Drive is shipping to the following selected retailers:

Andertons Music (UK) –
Ikebe Music International (JAP) –
Haar Guitars (NET) –
Guitar 77 (SIN) –
Effektpedaler (DEN) –
Guitars Addicts (FRA) –
These Go To 11 (SWE) –
The Amp Shop (NZ) –
Prymaxe Vintage (USA) –
Turramurra Music (AUS) –
Best Music Shop (AUS) –

Hand made in Sydney, Australia with 5 Year Warranty
Bypass: Heavy Duty 3PDT footswitch with True Bypass
Power: 9VDC/battery only, 2.1mm jack, negative tip.
Current draw: 5mA
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: <25kΩ
Controls: Volume, Gain, Detail and Balance
Enclosure: Durable gold powder coat and screen print finish.
Size: 2.2″ x 4.3″ (55.9mm  x 109.2mm)

The Cross Over Drive will be limited to a run of 250 and will be available at selected retailers worldwide. A short and long video demo can be seen here and here For more information, visit


About MI Audio: MI Audio was founded in 2002 by Michael Ibrahim in Sydney, Australia with the release of the Tube Zone Overdrive and the modern classic, the Crunch Box. The company then evolved into MI Effects and MI Amplification. MI Effects has a brand line-up of ten pedals including the very popular Crunch Box distortion. MI Amplification is best known for its complex designs such as the high-gain Megalith Beta, the British voiced Iron Duke, and flagship four-channel amp the Revelation.