COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez KIKO Signature

KIKO100_RRB_00_01_CU_Body_TopNow this is cool. Available in made-in-Japan (KIKO100) and Premium (KIKO10P) versions, Ibanez presents a pair of Kiko Loureiro signature models. Each features a unique scoop cutaway at the back of the body on the treble side, original Edge (KIKO100) or Edge-Zero II (KIKO10P) tremolos, Alder bodies with flamed Maple tops, recessed control knobs, tilt-in jacks, and DiMarzio KIKO original pickups. According to the description, “Kiko plays a wide range of music, from metal to jazz fusion, and the pickups were designed to reflect this range of sound. The neck and bridge pickups both humbuckers have medium output and a balanced sound in terms of frequency response. The single-coil middle pickup is more powerful and warmer-sounding than a typical vintage single-coil, in order to balance well with the neck and bridge pickups.” More info here.

KIKO100_RRB_00_01 KIKO10P_RRB_1P_01 KIKO100_RRB_00_01_CU_Body_Top