Dario Lorina Joins Black Label Society

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.45.25 PMRemember those ‘Dario Lorina is Ozzy’s new guitarist!’ rumours that were swirling around a few years ago? That didn’t pan out (the gig went to Gus G and it was never clear if it was just rumour or wishful thinking from some Dario fans) but in a new and wonderful twist, Dario has just been named new guitarist in Black Label Society alongside the mighty Zakk Wylde. This is ultra awesome news: as well as being a member of Lizzy Borden and playing in the late Jani Lane’s band, Dario recently released an incredible solo album via Shrapnel Records which taps into the Shrapnel legacy and shows of his incredible rhythm and lead chops, and it’s going to be awesome to hear what he will do with Black Label Society. He can certainly keep up with Zakk and will be able to bring his own thing into the mix too. Be sure to Grab his solo album from Amazon.com.