42728-csjtm-64-staright-frontWanna see something cool? The Marshall Custom Shop CS JTM145 50th Anniversary Andertons Valve Head was designed in collaboration with Lee Anderton to celebrate Andertons Music Company’s 50th birthday. Built by the Marshall Custom Shop in Milton Keynes, UK, and available exclusively from Andertons Music (one of the oldest Marshall dealers in the world!) in a limited edition of 200, it features a commemorative plate with Andertons 50th Anniversary logo and a matching custom amp cover. And it’s the first time Marshall has ever made an anniversary amp for a retailer like this. What’s that? You want to hera what it would sound like if Joe Bonamassa played Bernie Marsden’s original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard through one? Alright.

This amp features styling that was used by Marshall for only a few months back in the 60s! It has period correct vinyl, handle, knobs and white plexi face, along with the white and maroon Marshall logo which was only ever used on very early Marshall amps. Andertons says these visual details would have been impossible without the rare chance to examine two original 1964 JTM models from the collection of Paul Goodhand Tait (of Ampaholics.co.uk), models so rare they had even evaded the Marshall Museum itself! In fact Andertons the only poetic license we took was to add the fabled gold piping.

“Continuing the principals of our founding father Jim Marshall, the Marshall Custom Shop is proud to introduce this very Limited Edition Custom JTM145 exclusively for Anderton stores 50th Anniversary in 2014. After the success of the 1w Marshall 50th Anniversary amps we released in 2012, Lee Anderton from Andertons Store contacted us to ask if we would be able to provide something very special for their 50th celebrations in 2014. Through our discussions, Andertons wanted to have the style and features of the iconic Marshall JTM45 but in low power form. The Custom Shop team set off on this journey to find materials and components that replicated the JTM45 but on a reduced scale. The vinyl covering is the same colour and grain as the original, there are 1960’s radio knobs with white infill, the handle is the same design as the JTM45 from that era. We added a white “lazermax” panel set to complete the amplifier’s stunning looks from that early iconic period. Last but not least, we replicated a very rare Marshall Logo that was only used for a couple of weeks of JTM45 production in the mid 1960’s. The Custom finish and rugged construction is crafted from speciality high quality and exclusive components and materials sourced from many of our original suppliers but using modern manufacturing techniques. This 1watt homage to the classic early JTM45 amplifier is built by our highly skilled and dedicated Custom Shop master craftsmen at our factory in Bletchley, England.”