basswhammyPRESS RELEASE: For over 20 years DigiTech® has provided the most sought after pitch shifting pedals for guitar and bass. With that, we are thrilled to re-release the legendary Bass Whammy™. The Bass Whammy features all of the Whammy and Harmony settings of the original, but also offers several modern upgrades and additions. Our latest pitch shifting technology has been optimized for bass guitar frequencies, and the Bass Whammy provides both Classic and Chords modes for both soloing and chordal playing. Two modes of detune provide subtle thickening and lush sonic textures. True bypass ensures your tone is never compromised when the effect is off. MIDI implementation allows connectivity with the most sophisticated bass rigs. And, the Bass Whammy uses 9VDC power, making it easy to integrate into your existing pedalboard.