NAMM: Seymour Duncan Jason Becker, Black Winter 7/8

unnamed-1Seymour Duncan had some really cool new stuff on show at NAMM, though you won’t find them on the SD website or social media pages yet –  the formal, official announcements will take place a little closer to the products’ respective release dates. But how’s this for cool: SD is releasing a Jason Becker signature humbucker, the Perpetual Burn. It’s a bridge humbucker with a relative moderate output, and it’s based on pickups that Jason was developing with Seymour Duncan back in the David Lee Roth A Little Aint Enough era before ALS took his ability to play. But Jason was very involved in the prototyping process of the new pickup, with Michael Lee Firkins playing the pickups and Jason giving feedback. It’s a 12k Alnico V pickup which fits in there somewhere between the ’59 and JB.

unnamedSeymour Duncan has also hooked up with the inimitable Lemmy of Motorhead to create a signature bass pickup which will be available soon. I’m really excited about this one. Alnico V magnet,

A new Dimebag Darrell set is also being released, combining Dime’s signature Dimebucker pickup as well as a ’59 bridge model to go in the next position. Dime’s tech Grady Champion confirmed that Dime used this combination for a long time, preferring the hotter bridge-position ’59 in the neck position as a better match for his higher-output bridge pickup. And speaking of brutal, Seymour Duncan will be releasing 7 and 8-string versions of the Black Winter pickups that were so popular in 2013 (and continue to be so).

In addition to the new Dirty Deed distortion pedal SD is soon unleashing the Vapor Trail Analog Delay. Personally I think this one is going to be the Carbon Copy killer: it features a modulation circuit with rate and depth controls as well as an inbuilt loop (on a TRS jack) which lets you further modulate your delay repeats or – or! – send just the delayed signal out to another amp or parallel FX loop. Or you can use it with an expression pedal to control the wet/dry mix. And the delay time control flashes in time with your delay setting. Remember, all this power and flexibility is analog. Wild. Expect it in around March.