NAMM: Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty


Here it is: the Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 6 and 7-string models in all their unorthodox glory! These guitars caused quite a stir when they first surfaced but once you see them in person they make a whole lot more sense. Everything flows beautifully, the workmanship is beyond incredible and the proportions don’t seem as weird in person as when you see pics. I’ve tried to snap a few angles that show off the guitars’ many best sides. And with the Game Changer system this is one crazily versatile instrument.

maj1 maj2 maj4 maj5 maj6


NAMM: Ibanez 9 String RGs

There was a prototype on display last year, now it’s here: the Ibanez 9-string RG. Oh wait, did I say ‘it’s here’? I meant ‘they’re here’ because Ibanez is launching TWO 9-strings this NAMM: the affordable RG9 with Ibanez pickups, and the Prestige RG90BKPISH in Invisible Shadow finish, which features Bare Knuckle Canine humbuckers. Release date is yet to be confirmed but I’ll keep you posted. These are really beautiful guitars and I can’t wait to hear the music people make on them! Pics below:



INTERVIEW: A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon

A Day To RememberA Day To Remember formed in Florida in 2003, and since that time they’ve toured Australia, oh, about a jillion times. And while some bands can easily wear out their welcome under such circumstances, ADTR have managed to make each visit bigger than the last. With new album Common Courtesy out now via 3Wise in Australia after a protracted legal battle with their previous label, it’s time for the band to come back with one of their strongest recordings to date. And now they’re back here as one of the big-ticket names on the Soundwave 2014 festival. I caught up with vocalist Jeremy McKinnon to chat about it, including just how close the band came to having to call it a day.

The first thing we should talk about, of course, is the massive Soundwave juggernaut!

It’s the best festival on the planet, man! It’s our most favourite to play at least. I mean, good lord! It’s the most well-run, fun thing we get to do as a band, honestly. It is the highlight of every album cycle for me as a musician. I’m honoured to be a part of it and I’m honoured that Australians even care for us enough to bring us back. I’m always excited to go there. Read More …