Luke2 (2) (624x1024)Just saw something incredibly cool over on the Ernie Ball forums: a Sterling By Music Man Steve Lukather model called the LK100D, based on Lukather’s EBMM Luke III model! The news was confirmed by Brian Martin of Praxis Musical, home of Sterling By Music Man. He says: “We are proud to announce to you our newest Sterling By Music Man Artist Signature Series. This Artist is one whose talent resides in the upper echelon of Grammy Award winning musicians, known world-wide, a true “players player”.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Luke.
Please welcome to our fine family of Artists, the new for 2014 Sterling By Music Man LK100D Steve Lukather Artist Signature Guitar!
Available worldwide February 2014
The new LK100D is based on the newest incarnation of the Music Man Luke III. It features two DiMarzio Luke Signature “Transitions” humbuckers, a “push-push” Active volume boost based on the original Music Man design, 5 position pickup selector, Vintage Tremolo factory set for full step and a half pulls, locking tuning machines, and will, for now, be available in Luke Blue and Metallic Black.
We have done an early roll out in Japan due to overwhelming demand.
…and yes, the neck profile is exact. Luke was blown away by the guitar when I took it to him for our photo shoot, so the proof is truly in the pudding on this one. We are looking at about an $869 USD street price, but will be finalized early January.”
I can’t wait to try this guitar out!

Luke2 (2) (624x1024)