PUC_w_PodstaThe PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. It allows you to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to your iPad, and an also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi. It communicates directly to the iPad via WiFi directly as a device, so no “host” WiFi network is necessary, and it uses an open standard for Core MIDI over WiFi. Once your legacy MIDI signals are translated into Core MIDI by the PUC, any Core MIDI compatible app can recognize it. You have an iPad loaded with synth and music creation apps but you’re sick of the cable tangle tango, PUC makes it easy to connect your MIDI stuff. You just plug your controller into PUC’s MIDI port, establish your WiFi link and get on with it. PUC also connects to your Mac for Wireless Core MIDI control. And yes, for those of you who use gadgets like the brilliant Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesiser, you’ll be able to plug your GR-55’s MIDI out into the PUC so you can get your MIDI data into your app of choice. Go here for more info including ordering, and check out the video below.