Devin Townsend Launches Pledge Campaign, Kicks Ass

casualties-of-cool-600x405Whoa. Overnight Devin Townsend launched a Pledge Music campaign to fund his new project Casualties of Cool, with any excess fundage going to future projects like the upcoming mega Ziltoid sequel. And while I slept, snored and probably drooled a bunch, the Pledge campaign hit its goal within, like, hours. That doesn’t mean you need to stop pledging though: a percentage of the funds will go to homeless animal charities, and of course it also means you get some kickass music and you have the option of signing up for amazing perks including Skype vocal or guitar lessons with Devin, various different album formats and heaps of other stuff. You can learn more and kick in some bucks here so Devin can keep filling our ears with amazing music.