NAMM: Perri Ink Gypsy Custom Guitar

GypsyGTR_8You’ve no doubt read about Perri Ink. Custom Guitars in these pages before: Nick Perri has a real knack for taking the requirements of real-world pro players, filtering them through a pretty damn distinctive and stylish visual flair, and putting them out into the world as droolworthy pro-level custom guitars. Up until now all Perri. Ink guitars have been based on classic body shapes, but with the Gypsy the company has unveiled their first fully original design. It’s slinky and sexy and has a definite classic-meets-boutique-meets-modern vibe going on. Here’s the press release:
Perri Ink debuts the Gypsy custom guitar
The boutique guitar brand unveils its first original guitar design
Los Angeles, CA (February 2014) – PERRI INK. Custom Guitars announced the debut of the GYPSY custom guitar model today, the company’s first original guitar design.

According to company owner and co-builder Nick Perri: “While I’m very proud of all the guitars we have put out over the last 5 years, it was definitely time to take the leap and do an original body style. I first drew this guitar shape and pickguard on a napkin, and to now be playing it onstage and sharing it with the world is an incredible feeling.”

The guitar features a swamp ash body with a real ash wood pickguard. The quarter-sawn maple neck is adorned with a rosewood fingerboard, clay inlays, and a reverse headstock. Of the headstock Perri says: “It not only looks cool, but contributes wonderfully balanced string tension from the low to high E. I grew up playing Firebirds, and there is something very different and special about the way the strings feel with a reverse headstock.” Rounding out the model are trio of Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot pickups, and a Callaham vintage style tremolo. The guitar comes strung with GHS Boomers, and includes either a SKB hard case or MONO M80 soft case.

“It’s taken a lifetime of playing, and many years of building to even conceive a guitar like this. I have put everything I know and love about guitars into this model, and I can’t wait for people to feel and hear it for themselves” Perri said in conclusion.

PERRI INK. Custom Guitars is a boutique American-made electric guitar brand founded in 2009 by guitarist and entrepreneur Nick Perri. Each guitar sold is custom, built to order, and made of the finest materials available in the USA today.
A limited number of GYPSY guitars will be built this year. For more information of how to obtain one, please visit or email
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