image006Okay, the traditionalists out there are probably going to hate this, but I quite like it: TARAS GUITARS Inc has unveiled the VP-1, the world’s first full-range ‘outward’ string-bend modular guitar which lets you – well, bend strings outward instead of inward. “But dude,” you say, “Can’t you reach any reasonable note by bending the regular way?” Well yeah, but get this: now you can hold a steady note on the B or G string while bending the high E. Now you can create riffs where you bend out of a power chord on the lowest two strings into a whole new chord. So yeah, some folks will look at this and think “Eh, guitar was perfected in the 50s” while others will think “That’s just what I need to pull off the music I’m hearing in my head!”

PRESS RELEASE: Taras Kovaliv, founder of TARAS GUITARS Inc. proudly introduces the VP-1 – the world’s first full-range “outward” string-bend modular guitar – a beautifully innovative guitar with new functionality conceived and designed to expand musical horizons.

Inventor Taras Kovaliv with the VP-1 Prototype. Photo: TARAS GUITARS
Inventor Taras Kovaliv with the VP-1 Prototype. Photo: TARAS GUITARS

The patented VP-1 represents a groundbreaking departure from the traditional “inward” string-bend bias of conventional straight-necked guitars. Applicable to many playing styles, this innovative new instrument challenges the forward-thinking player to explore and create new music using an expanded range of “outward” string bend techniques that are physically impossible to execute on a traditional straight-necked guitar.

TARAS GUITARS Inc. and its premier model, the VP-1, are poised to forever change the way we see and understand the world’s most loved and dynamic musical instrument.

“The VP-1 is literally a re-thinking of the guitar as we’ve come to know it. I see it as an evolutionary development.”

– Taras Kovaliv, Inventor/Founder, TARAS GUITARS Inc.

“These are exciting times to be a guitarist. New instruments, new challenges, new music.”

– Romanna Turchyn, Managing Director, TARAS GUITARS Inc.

Learn more about the concepts behind the VP-1 and meet its inventor at: or

TARAS GUITARS Inc. is a forward-thinking musical instrument research & design firm with a rock solid idea base. While currently researching production opportunities, we are committed to bringing challenging, high-quality, environmentally responsible new instruments to the hands of inspired players the world over.

You will never look at the guitar in the same way again!