TC Electronic Announces Mastodon TonePrints

MastodonforFacebook.110144PRESS RELEASE: TC Electronic is announcing a TonePrint package of epic proportions, featuring Brent Hinds, Bill Kelliher and Troy Sanders of metal/prog rock giants Mastodon! This package of TonePrints is available immediately and for free at or through the free TonePrint app for Android and iOS. Kicking of the Mastodon TonePrint package is lead guitarist Brent Hinds, who delivers three TonePrints: VibeChange, Mother Slapper and Clean Toes. VibeChange is a Chorus TonePrint that Brent created specifically to gel well with mastodon’s signature clean passages.  This dynamic chorus will make any clean riff shine brilliantly. The “Clean Toes” chorus is sure to rock your socks off!

Mother Slapper delay TonePrint is based on the slap-back algorithm, which gives it a nice down-to-earth feeling – its feedback level, however, is through the roof. Picture a Chet Atkins’ delay that just goes on and on and on and on and on…

Finally, Brent designed Clean Toes, a vibrato TonePrint  with a real vintage vibe to it. Its sizable depth setting coupled with a speed of approximately 4 Hz makes is sound a lot like an old Leslie cabinet. This suits clean riffs beautifully, but can also give an uncanny feeling to distorted passages.

Next up is Bill Kelliher, riff-monster extraordinaire. Bill delivers The Shriller, a vibrato TonePrint which offers a slightly dissonant, uncanny twist to your Shaker Vibrato.

Last, but certainly not least, low-end behemoth Troy Sanders delivers The Creature. Troy is known for intricate bass parts, so for his chorus sound he wanted a nice, warm and ’round’ sound that lets the beauty of TC Electronic chorus sounds shine through to enhance his bass sounds. The best way to describe the sound is ‘pretty, pleasing and pronounced’. All of the chorus parameters, from speed to depth work together to create a tone that is sweet and to-the-point.

In addition to all of this, TC Electronic will be giving away a Flashback Delay and a Corona Chorus signed by Mastodon. This competition is open worldwide and is entered by signing up for the TC Electronic newsletter at People who already receive the TC newsletter can still join the competition and will not receive the newsletter twice. Competition ends February 28th.

Tore Mogensen, Business Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic adds: “By releasing the Mastodon TonePrint package, we cover clean, dirty, guitar and bass in one fell swoop for Metal, with an originality and creativity that’s unparalleled. To be honest, I’ve been a fan of Mastodon since the Remission album, and I have always liked their approach to sounds – always vintage sounding and ranging from subtle to über-heavy, and I think these TonePrints capture that vibe perfectly!”