The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Éclair

Seymour Duncan EclairI love when there’s a cool story to go along with a piece of gear, and the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Éclair has one of the coolest. The Éclair evolved from the JB and Jazz combo that Seymour likes so much, but the neck is Alnico IV, the bridge is Alnico II and they’re both single conductor. The bridge is wound for more cut and clarity and the neck is smooth and articulate. MJ also underwinds the neck and overwinds the bridge. So what’s the story behind these? Well it started with a Facebook chat between Seymour and guitarist Austin Bryan. “A while back, Seymour and I interacted on Facebook on his birthday and he had told me that MJ had made him a very special Éclair,” Austin told the Seymour Duncan blog. “To my knowledge I stupidly thought he was talking about a special pickup set rather than the tasty desert. I called MJ and asked her how the Éclairs sounded, and she immediately started laughing. So right then and there we started coming up with a pickup idea tailored to creating a new pickup for Seymour that would meet his tonal needs, and which also met mine.” Read the full story here.

You can hear Seymour himself playing the Eclair set below:

Seymour Duncan Eclair