Klon Centaur Vs. MI Audio Super Blues Pro

Aah, now this is interesting! The good folks at MI Audio recently had the venerable KLON Centaur in their workshop, and after playing it for awhile they realised that it had a similar tone to the MOSFET setting on their own Super Blues Pro pedal. So they did a quick A/B shootout “We were able to dial in some verrrrry close tones although the two pedals are very different designs,” they say. “The Klon is a fairly unique circuit, and the Super Blues Pro is from the Tube Screamer family. So we recorded a very quick clip to compare the two pedals. Now, we’re not at all claiming that the Super Blues Pro is identical to Klon. It’s not, and that was never the intention with the Super Blues Pro. However, it was surprising that given virtually any setting on the Klon, it was possible to dial up a setting on the Super Blues Pro which got pretty damn close.”

MI concludes: “The MI Audio Super Blues Pro isn’t gold, nor does it have a Centaur on it. But it does deliver crystal clean boosts, transparent overdrive, mid-range crunch and many more tones.”