queensryche_zps31261cdfAccording to Prog Magazine, Queensryche and Geoff Tate have released a joint statement announcing a settlement regarding the use of the band name. In an interesting twist, the Wilton/Rockenfield/Jackson/Lundgren/La Torre line-up will retain use of the name while Tate will have exclusive rights to perform Operation Mindcrime I and II in full. The statement says: “An amicable settlement has been reached. According to the agreement, original members Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton along with recent members Todd La Torre and Parker Lundgren, will now be the sole entity recording and touring as Queensryche, performing selections from their entire musical catalogue that spans over 30 years of material.

“Original Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate will continue to record, perform and pursue a variety of other creative endeavours. As part of the agreement he will have the exclusive rights to perform Operation Mindcrime I and II in their entirety as a unique performance.

“Both sides wish each other well and are excited about what the future holds. We want to thank the fans for standing beside us though this ordeal, and look forward to sharing our music with you for years to come.”