Dean Markley USA Debuts 30th Anniversary Guitar Amplifiers

jpegPRESS RELEASE: For the past three decades, the Dean Markley CD30 and CD60 tube guitar amplifiers have been used and sought after by studios and elite guitarists around the world. Due to their limited production runs over the years, they have been hard to come by but their high headroom clean channel and warm lead channel have made them a go to choice for artists such as Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers and many others. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of these amps and Dean Markley has committed to full time production to celebrate the occasion. The amps will debut at NAMM and be available worldwide in February.

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Rocking The ‘Woman Tone’ On My Les Paul

Okay, so I’ve been messing around with my camera so I can make some awesome video demos and reviews for you guys and gals, and I thought I’d upload a little bit of Les Paul noodlin’. In this video I start with the ‘Woman Tone,’ made famous by Eric Clapton. This is a little trick where you select both pickups on a twin-humbucker guitar, roll the tone knob down for the treble pickup, and have at it. It’s almost like a stationary wah-wah effect, and it’s pretty dang addictive. Following a few phrases with the Woman Tone, I flip to the bridge pickup and then the neck pickup – although the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers in my Les Paul are extremely articulate and responsive, so this isn’t even a fraction of the tonal variety you can get out of this guitar.

Gibson Custom Les Paul Long Scale

CSLPSLSSITNH1-Finish-Shot“Dude, Les Pauls look and sound cool but something about them always feels a little …off to me.” It’s something I’ve heard time and time again. It’s something I’ve even said myself a long long time ago. Then I realised what it was: the Les Paul’s 24.75” scale length – the distance from bridge to nut – is noticeably different to the 25.5” of a Strat or a Soloist or a Tele or an RG. And that extra .75 inches actually makes a big difference: it affects the tension of the strings, the snappiness or darkness of the tone, and the distance between each fret. In short, if you’re used to 25.5”, a Les Paul is gonna feel a little weird to you beyond its violin-like backward neck pitch and arched top. Now Gibson Custom is offering the Gibson Custom CS Les Paul Long Scale, which is a Les Paul in every way except …longer! It’s a 25.5” scale Les Paul designed to give you a tighter, punchier attack and snappier tone than typically expected of a Les Paul. And Gibson is offering two neck shapes: a big ‘ol fat ’59 profile (my favourite despite my love of widdly shred axes) or a V2 SlimTaper ’60 profile.

Wanna buy one? Here are some links!

’59 Profile Neck Antique Gold
’59 Profile Neck Iced Tea
SlimTaper Neck Iced Tea
’59 Profile Neck Washed Cherry

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