Magical 6-Way Toggle Switch Makes Life Worth Living

Freeway 6 6-way toggle switch Check this out: the Freeway 6-Way Toggle Switch – an upgrade of the unique toggle switch installed on the three-pickup Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom – is now available to fit to the guitar of your choice. Not just any toggle switch, it does the work of multiple standard switches: the six toggle positions broaden your wiring options and tone possibilities. Great for coil-splitting, three-pickup selection, piezo pickup activation, and humbucker/single-coil/humbucker switching. You can check it out here (along with wiring diagrams) and buy it here,

TC Electronic Announces New Line of Mini Pedals

Untitled-2.213907The magnificent folks at TC Electronic have just announced a new line of mini pedals which use their TonePrint technology shrunk down to the same small enclosure found with their Spark Mini Booster, PolyTune Mini, Hall of Fame Mini Reverb and Ditto Looper. They’re incredibly pedalboard-friendly, and they give you all the sonic flexibility of their big brothers. How do I know? Cos I have all four of these bad boys sitting here right now and I’ll be posting separate reviews for each soon! In the meantime, here’s the official release info: Read More …