Frank Gambale Talks Intellectual Property Theft

Frank GambaleLegendary guitarist Frank Gambale posted the following on his Facebook today with a request that people share it around to spread the message. When one of the world’s greatest guitarists can’t bring himself to release material he’s worked hard on for months because it seems futile in the knowledge that it’ll be stolen and shared with no respect to the artist, something’s gotta give. Here’s Frank’s post. I encourage you to share it around.

Hiya Folks… How is everybody doing out there? Well, as I have said before, I am not one to rant…but I have another one…I will do my best to keep it brief and certainly open to discussion. Watch the video first…. I am not advocating funding for this project, that’s purely up to you, but I am DEEPLY in concert with the subject matter. I am a musician, an artist, and I always have been. I have never held down a “real” job. I have always made a living as a musician. With the advent of the latest technologies the lives of musicians, artists, film makers, authors and anyone involved in intellectual property, our livelihoods are seriously in jeopardy.

I’m NOT whining…simply stating the facts.

The theft of intellectual property on a daily basis on the internet MUST stop.

Imagine how I feel, as an artist, who has spent an entire lifetime honing a craft for art and humanity’s sake, when I put my name into Google or Yahoo or whichever search engine and find hundreds of peer to peer torrent sites, hundreds of file sharing sites with ALL my work, books, videos, songs, music minus ones, everything I have produced as an artist ALL being exchanged for FREE…FREE, yes FREE…

My first thoughts are…”What’s the point of doing this anymore?”. Then I think, well, perhaps I’ll notify the giant Google in the sky/cloud/vapour/ether and ask them would they kindly remove as many of the links that I have time to copy and paste for them to remove. (they don’t make it easy folks!! ) Then, hey presto!! A day later they send me a nice email saying that the links have been removed.

The following week I put my name into the great Google in the sky again and lo and behold…they are all back and more, slightly changed, but just as rampant as before.

So I think to myself, what a wonderful world ( haha…thanks Satchmo )…no seriously, I think to myself why would I want to pursue this business any further?

My motivation is NOT money folks. It never has been. However, I do need to make a living and feed my family and pay my bills as any person on this planet needs to.
Right now, the circle is BROKEN! If nothing returns to artists, authors, musicians, film makers etc…then, as a business model, it has only one option, it will FAIL as a business model.

The result can only be that great artists, musicians, film makers will choose to do other things with their talents such as, open a restaurant, work for the Post Office, perhaps teach or enter into sales or other industries that are NOT downloadable….yet!

The day that people can download a pizza we’re all fucked because no one will want to make food!!

I wish I could walk into a supermarket, fill up my cart and roll out of the store without paying a cent!! Wouldn’t that be utopia?

I can’t imagine a world without artisans, great intelligence being manifested through art….I don’t want to live in that world.

Bottom line is folks, art is valuable, art is necessary and it needs to be supported by everybody.

Did you see the size of the house that Mr.Dotcom was living in folks?? I must say it made me sick to my stomach to see that opulence from ill-gotten gains. I have NO compassion for anyone running peer-to-peer sites and torrent sites.
In my opinion, they must ALL be brought down. Immediately.
I don’t know how.

Google, Yahoo, all the search engines need to block ALL of them. Right now, Google and the like are ALL as guilty as Mr.Dotcom in my opinion because they are giving everyone access to illegal downloads and are not making ANY attempt to stop the problem.
Lawmakers are about 10 years behind the technology, so laws are not going ever catch up so, they useless too.

What’s left? Crowd funding? Should I make a video and start pan-handle my fans to provide a budget for my next album/video/book etc?

I have two new books and 14 hours of a video Blues course I have written. They’ve been finished for over a year now. I can’t bring myself to release them. Why? Because, a month after I do, they will end up on all those torrent sites for free. That’s why!!

So folks, we have a problem. A very real one.
I’m withholding. I don’t want to give away my work for free anymore.

I’m fed up!!

I’m not alone here. Look at all those names at the end of every film. All those people are effected, we are ALL effected.

I am only scratching the surface here. The same thievery is happening even within performance rights companies that are supposed to be collecting royalty monies for artists. Much of the money is never distributed because artists don’t know its there!!!

I am but a small voice in a very large crowd.

I want to chime in and bring some more light to a very real problem with intellectual property. There is a lot of discussion going on about this very subject right now and no one seems to have an answer. I think a good start would be to shut down ALL peer to peer sites because the majority of what they do is allow people to steal intellectual property with the anonymity of the internet.

If my voice is heard and it reaches ANYONE with any influence on major computer companies, Google and the like, please shout in their deaf ears!!! Help STOP the piracy!! Don’t provide the gateway!!!

Enough said,
FG Out

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