Pink Floyd The Division Bell 20th anniversary

Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell – which is being re-released in a 20th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set – is not exactly the band’s most critically acclaimed, fondly-remembered album by hardcore Floyd fans, but for me personally it’s my favourite. I can put this down to the fact that it was released when I was 15, and when you’re that age everything new is awesome. So even now when I listen to that album I’m swept up in what I perceived when I was 15: huge Technicolour widescreen presentation and massive soundscapes. If I step back a little and listen more objectively today I hear a much more intimate recording, but that’s the cool thing about memory and perception: you can retreat back into that world 20 years later and access those memories and feelings again. And now, as an adult, I hear things in the lyrics that either went over my head at the time, or that I knew I wouldn’t be able to relate to on a personal level yet. And now Pink Floyd is releasing a 20th Anniversary celebration of The Division Bell.

PRESS RELEASE: Pink Floyd is releasing a 20th anniversary box set of The Division Bell, the band’s 1994 multi-million selling album that included the Grammy Award winning track Marooned. Set for release on 30 June 2014, ‘The Division Bell’ was the last studio album to be released by the band: David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. This 20th anniversary box set features six discs, including three replica coloured or clear vinyl discs, 5 collectors’ prints, a Blu-ray disc and for the first time Andy Jackson’s 5.1 audio mix of ‘The Division Bell’.

‘The Division Bell’ debuted at No 1 in the UK and in the USA, staying at the top of the US charts for 4 weeks; it also went to No 1 in eight other countries and, to date, has reached total album sales of over 12 million. The album was recorded by the band at Astoria and Britannia Row Studios with the majority of the lyrics being written by Polly Samson and David Gilmour.

David Gilmour said at the time: “The three of us went into Britannia Row studios, and improvised for 2 weeks. Playing together and starting from scratch was interesting and exciting, it kick started the album and the process was very good, it was collaborative and felt more cohesive”.

The Division Bell 20th Anniversary collector’s box set will feature a new 2-LP vinyl edition of the album, remastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab from the original analogue tapes, including all the full length tracks (originally edited to fit on a single LP) in a gatefold sleeve designed by Hipgnosis/StormStudios. Five other discs are included: a red 7″ vinyl replica of single Take It Back, clear 7″ vinyl replica of High Hopes, 12″ blue vinyl replica of High Hopes with reverse laser etched design, the 2011 Discovery remaster of ‘The Division Bell’ and a Blu-ray disc including ‘The Division Bell’ album in HD Audio, plus the previously unreleased 5.1 surround sound audio mix of the album by Andy Jackson.

Another addition included on the Blu-ray disc is a new video for Marooned, the track that won a Grammy for ‘Best Rock Instrumental’ in 1994. Filmed in Ukraine during the first week of April 2014, the video was directed by Aubrey Powell at Hipgnosis. It will appear on the disc with audio tracks in both PCM Stereo and a 5.1 mix by Andy Jackson.

Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour produced the original album, with orchestral arrangements by the late Michael Kamen. The anniversary box set discs have been remastered by long term Pink Floyd audio associates James Guthrie and Joel Plante.