Mesa Cab Clone Makes Life Worth Living

Mesa Cab Clone

Aaah, that’s the stuff. Mesa Engineering has just announced the Cab Clone, a guitar speaker cabinet emulator and load box which lets you record your screaming, wailing cranked tube amp silently or to send a nice clean signal to a mixing desk via the balanced XLR output, plus a 1/4″ uncompensated output for sending your signal to a slave amp rig, cabinet emulated etc. Plus there’s a Thru output for sending the signal on to your speaker cabinet for ‘real speaker’ monitoring. It also has a compensated headphone output so you can get your groove on in your head without getting evicted/divorced. You can select between open-back, closed-back and vintage voicings, and there’s a DI level control for optimising the signal for mic, instrument or line applications. There’s also a Phase Flip switch and Ground Lift.