REVIEW: TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

TC Electronic Ditto X2 LooperJust over a year ago, TC Electronic released the Ditto Looper. It’s an incredibly handy little pedal which has single control knob and a single footswitch, yet allows you to create and control looped audio so you can build up beds of awesomeness to solo over, or to make your single guitar sound like an army. It offers record, undo/redo, stop and erase commands all via that single foot switch. And it’s heaps of fun. But TC is great at identifying where players would appreciate more control or less control – witness the Flashback Delay and Flashback X4 delay, both of which offer the same great delay sounds but with different approaches to controlling them in a live situation. And now there’s the Ditto X2 Looper, which takes the functions of the original Ditto and ups its game with more control.

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The Ditto X2 Looper starts where the original left off. It gives you 5 minutes of looping time and the ability to layer unlimited overdubs, just like the original. It also has the same true-bypass, analog dry-through, high quality audio. But TC Electronic has listened to the feedback from players who said they wanted their loopers to do more, so now we’ve got the ability to play loops in reverse, half-speed, or both at the same time! This lets you create all sorts of ambient soundscapes that go beyond the scope of what the regular Ditto could accomplish. The pedal stores the loop even after the pedal is turned off too, which is a cool touch.

There’s also the ability to take a pre-recorded loop from your computer using the USB port on the back. It can be your own loops, an entire song by your favourite artist, whatever you like. TC also provides a backing track library that comes free with the pedal. And if you capture an awesome loop from your guitar into the X2 and you want to keep it to use in a track, you can save it and export it to your recording software. And there’s a DIP switch inside the battery compartment which lets you select between ‘loop/play/record’ or ‘loop/overdub/play’ modes. The X2 has stereo outputs and can be powered by a power adaptor or by two 9v batteries.

The X2 has two footswitches now: the Loop switch functions just like the regular Ditto, but now there’s an FX switch as well which is further controlled by a 3-way mini switch that lets you select between Reverse, 1/2 speed and Stop modes: that means that when you select Stop you can use the FX foot switch as a dedicated stop/start foots witch, freeing you up to use the Loop switch for controlling your loops. You can get some utterly beautiful sounds by using the Reverse mode – truly otherworldly textures and synth-like effects, especially if you get all clever with effects pedals prior to the Looper. And the audio quality is exceptional.

This is a unique pedal in that the sounds you make with it are limited only by your creativity, yet it offers features that will juice your creativity in ways you couldn’t imagine until you plug it in. It’s not just for accompaniment, which is how the original Ditto sometimes feels: it’s for full-on composition and experimentation as well, taking your guitar into new areas that it couldn’t previously go.

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper