Moniker Guitars Introduces New Shape

Moniker_Reedsdale_Double_Cutaway_GuitarPRESS RELEASE: Moniker Guitars is pleased to announce the addition of a new guitar shape to their lineup of customizable electric guitars. The Reedsdale Double Cut gets its name from an added cutaway in the guitar body, creating one on either side of the neck. The added cutaway on the low “E” string side of the neck allows the player to gain better hand positioning when reaching notes above the 16th fret. Allowing the player greater access to higher notes helps improve technique at this end of the fretboard.

The Reedsdale Double Cut is Moniker’s “tip of the hat” to the popular Gibson ES-335 and ES-339 series of guitars which also feature two cutaways. The Reedsdale Double Cut body measures 13 inches wide at the lower bout compared to the ES-339 which is 14.25 inches wide. The Moniker also differs in that it features a flat top as opposed an archtop.
Like all Moniker guitar shapes, you can customize the Double Cut at by choosing your colors, parts and pickups and even add custom text or graphics to the guitar. The guitar starts at $949.00 and are manufactured in Austin, TX.
Moniker featured guitarist Marc Perez from the band Bass Line Bums is one of the first to customize and own a Reedsdale Double Cut:
“I’ve always been interested in getting a Moniker guitar,” said Perez. “My eyes lit up when I saw this shape and I had to have it.”


Moniker Guitars builds quality, affordable, custom electric guitars that you can design online at Choose your guitar’s shape, colors, parts and even add custom text and graphics to create a guitar that is as unique as the music you make with it. All Moniker guitars are built at our shop in Austin, TX and ship to your door in just four weeks. 

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