Uh oh. Don’t tell my wallet but Gibson just released my dream guitar: a 7-string Les Paul with Seymour Duncan JB and ’59 humbuckers (the ’59 is my favourite neck pickup) and a 15dB onboard boost! The Les Paul Classic 7-string has all the stuff you’d expect from a Les Paul – mahogany body and neck, maple top, rosewood fretboard, Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece, 24.75” scale length – but it’s also got, y’know, an extra string.

I’ve already seen some online chatter that some folks wish it had a longer scale length for a tighter low B, but personally I feel like it should be 24.75”, otherwise it wouldn’t be a 7-string Les Paul: it’d be a Les Paul-shaped 7-string. If it had a 25.5″ or 27″ scale length it wouldn’t play like a Les Paul but more importantly, it wouldn’t sound like one. Who knows – if this goes well and there’s enough demand, maybe we’ll see more 7-string Les Pauls with different scale lengths in the future (and I’d utterly love a Honeyburst one), but for right now I think this is exactly the right way to do this: an actual 7-string Les Paul that sounds and plays like it should, but also has an extra five notes.


7 String Les Paul