infiniti Candy Apple Met KICKSTARTER v2

Wow, now this is cruelly cool. Carparelli has launched a kickstarter for the infiniti Si and Classico S models, each of which includes built-in +ZOOM tuner/preamp/modelling/effects stuff which is easily accessible via controls located where – well, where you’d expect to find ’em on an electro-acoustic guitar, which is the perfect spot for this sorta stuff. And check out those hot-rod-lookn’ bridges. These guitars mean business!

PRESS RELEASE: Fresh off the design board  and ready for your studio or the stage, the all new Carparelli infiniti Si and Classico S models are musical game changers.  Not only are these the most playable guitars you can lay hands on, both models also sport an intuitive, user friendly interface allowing the player to control the built-in tuner/preamp/modeling/effects functions.

During play, withing a song, between songs or between sets, completely altering the sound of  your guitar is as simple as flipping a toggle switch located near the tone and volume control knobs. In addition to an on-board tuner and drum machine, +ZOOM offers numerous standard presets as well as 40 user definable patches for unlimited player customization. Helping you define “your” unique style and sound.  Combined with the jaw dropping looks and playability of the infiniti Si & Classico S, the +ZOOM interface will forever change your thinking about electric guitars.

Connecting the included Skunk Juice LS-100 headsets provides the player with unsurpassed privacy and the ability to play loud and proud self contained without disturbing others. Great for late night practice sessions, during a quick lunch break at work or while on the road touring. A .125” input jack enables playing to band recordings or backing tracks from you favorite music source.

The predefined patches allow you to scroll through and enjoy +ZOOM right out of the box while a detailed manual is included for exploring the finer points of adjusting and programming your unit to suit your specific creative tastes.

Following are some of the key features of infiniti Si and Classico S models:

  • Built-in ZOOM FX including Tuner and Drum Machine
  • Skunk Juice LS-100 Headset
  • Custom Carparelli Bigfoot hardtail bridge system
  • Magnasonic harmonics : Eliminates dead spots
  • Locking Tuners – Best Tuning Stability
  • Gig Bag Case

Offering unlimited playing options for beginner, intermediate or professional players, these instruments bring a new level of creative possibilities to guitar players of all musical styles. These models are exclusively available as rewards on Kickstarter through 11.9.14. The Carparelli +Zoom campaign is offering  a wide range of reward levels to backers ranging from apparel to various instrument packages and several event experiences. Any of these would make an appreciated gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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