TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay

Jeez TC Electronic, you already had my love – you don’t need to keep trying so hard to win my heart! The new Flashback Triple Delay is a magical, fantastical creation which lets you run three separate delays simultaneously, giving you access to all sorts of spatial, textural and rhythmic effects. Here’s the press release…

PRESS RELEASE: TC Electronic has been synonymous with pristine high quality delays ever since they released the now legendary 2290 Dynamic Delay back in the 80s. Since then they’ve continuously evolved their delay pedals, which reached new heights with the introduction of the ingenious TonePrint feature in the Flashback Delay. With the new Flashback Triple Delay, TC Electronic has once again raised the bar for what a modern delay device should be all about. Delay, Delay and more Delay!

Flashback Triple Delay is the first stompbox in TC history that lets you run three delays simultaneously, opening up an entirely new delay dimension filled with divine sounds. The Flashback Triple Delay also features 11 different subdivision types, and the option of running the delays in parallel or in series, which lets you infuse your delays with distinct and unique rhythmic patterns.

On top of that the Flashback Triple Delay sports 12 different delay types, 4 TonePrint slots for loading in signature effects, a tap tempo switch, stereo I/O, MIDI connectivity and an expression pedal input.

Flashback Triple Delay is available exclusively at Guitar Center in North America.